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Any word on the new Autocom?


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Autocom's website indicates that the new Autocom will be available in April. I sent email to the website asking when the Autocom will be available in the US, but I haven't received a response.


I read that Autocom had severed their relationship with TopGear (A shame), but I haven't heard whether they had selected a new US rep.


Anybody know anything?



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Autocom is working on establishing a new distributor here in the U.S. Their new product is just about ready to ship.

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Our new products are being sold in the UK as from TODAY and we have a brochure insert in the MCN (UK).


Our European distributors are now just getting their first stocks and so these should be with dealers over the next week or two.


We do not have a USA distributor at this time, but we are in negotiations and expect something very special will transform over the next couple of weeks.


We are sorry for this delay but as I have said before, Autocom and our customers expect a certain standard, so we cannot just give it away to the first sharks that appear at the surface!


We have made USA stocks ready for dispatch so as soon as the green light comes on there will be no delays getting stocks to the USA dealers.


In the meantime, until we have established USA distribution, USA dealers and customers are welcome to purchase direct from the UK factory www.autocom.co.uk.


We respectfully ask USA dealers and customers not to buy any stocks from others, as we wish to control where production batches are sold, having learnt over many years that different markets need different products to suit how the products are used and what they are used with, so there are some supple differences between what we make for the USA, UK, France, Canada, Holland, Norway etc. and the manufacturers warranty is valid for the country of origin, which is logged in the product ID code.


We are sure that customers will appreciate the extra time and effort we have put into making these new products and taking extra care to find and appoint a new distribution method for the USA.



Autocom UK Tom


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