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It's time to 'UP' it!


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5 min. ago I had never heard of her, and suddenly I am her biggest fan. Thanks for posting.


I've known her for a few years and sat through several of her lectures. She is better in person.

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For the first few seconds i thought this was going to be some pc sludge, but then i listened up and it was great.


99% of what she said is old school common sense and values my parents taught me.


Thanks for posting!!

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Has she been on "The View"



....if not why not



I'm kinda concerned that you know about "The View", :eek:


but I'll just shut up since it's 2009. :wave:

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LOL. Well I do have to say that I've never seen a better spokesman for the far-right position. I love the way he takes those silly 'Dems' to task for suggesting that names like Limbaugh and Coulter could ever represent intolerance. :grin:


Certainly the mods will descend upon this comment for all it's political overtones....



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I notice that you had no problem with the clip, just my response :grin:.


Billy was just kidding around, as was I. Sorry if we managed to offend anyone.

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sOUNDED tO me like the clapping/applause was "canned"...seems to be a cool concept - but one that is a marketing tool for her.


She also didn't do it from memory - prolly had card holders on the left and right - as she paced back and fro -


I liked it - mostly the pants reference about pulling it up - man what is with dat..?


I caught the ''clap track'' on the first sound. (*listen to how if fades out - always a giveaway*)

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I use to attend functions that often times had motivational speakers, they can go on like that for an hour or longer, that is what they do. They practice and have so much committed to memory that when they got rolling, it was like a freight train with an audience.

I liked both videos, there is a lot to be learned from simply being reminded of what we knew already. Much of it is kindergarten stuff, pick it up...

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Interesting how common sense, decency, responsibility, initiative, resilience, consistency, determination, self reliance, and a "chosen" optimism -- have all become radical new ideas that must be given to us with "moralistic" tone. Then criticized.


We're not in Kansas any more, or even "over the rainbow," where the desire to have brains, a heart, and the nerve -- were valued.


As for politics, a plague on both their houses. There's not been a nickel's worth of practical difference between the two parties in terms of "outcomes" for the last 20 years at least. The rhetoric is polarized, the world views are diametrically opposed, but the "on the ground" practical outcomes in governing are six of one, half dozen of the other. Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum. Tax and spend, grow the bureaucracy, consolidate the power. Oh, and I almost forgot to add the most important part for both parties, "Stick your thumb in the other guy's eye as often as you can."



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Dave in Doodah

+1. Both houses need to remember we are on the SAME team.


Good link. Funny how we always appreciate (and benefit from) being reminded of what most of us consider common sense.

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