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Top Cases for '96 R100R


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Does anyone know of an inexpensive top-case for a '96 R1100R? I checked out Mutazu Model 929...Givi does not make one for my bike...I'm not sure what other companies to check with and I haven't been able to find anything used up to this point. Can anyone help?

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Couple of questions: Do you already have a luggage rack? How big a topcase do you want? How much do you want to spend? I was in much the same dilemma 3 years ago with my 98 R1100R. I found a reasonable (at the time) Hepco Becker luggage rack from Eurotech Motor Sports. Unfortunately they have since become a wholesale only outfit but they do make it easy to find a dealer. http://www.eurotechmotorsports.com/forms/Linecard.cfm?do=query Also, the price seems to have doubled. Another place to look is

http://www.adventurersworkshop.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=610_088_00_01&Category_Code=Top_Cases_and_Saddlebags_Top_Cases I know, long link. I bought the mid-sized Journey 40 Liter topcase. It easily locks on to the luggage rack with a key. You can also go to the Hepco Becker site. The main site is in German, but they do have an English one. I have been happy with the topcase. The luggage rack was hard to install. I had to permanently remove the charcoal cannister and temporarily remove the rear signal lights to put it on. Hope this helps.

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Following Mike's question: Do you have a luggage rack?


I built my own from a surplus flat panel display case.





I cast a waterproof seal between the lid and case using black silicone rubber. I really like the fact that this case is low and rectangular, which makes fitting things like laptops and pizza boxes much easier. The only downside is that it's bolted on, and not easily removable.

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