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sargent seats

scott r1200rt

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scott r1200rt

Has anyone tried the sargent seats for the r1200rt. I can't seem to go more than a few hours without a sore ass. I has one for my r1150r a few years ago and it seem to help. If not sargent, who can I get one from with heated seat and without waiting 6 weeks. Thanks for any imput.



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The Sargent seat modification for my R12ST was just as uncomfortable as the stock seat. That was the premium seat foam upgrade.

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I had a Sargent seat installed on my 2009 R12RT. Sargent had to retro fit the installation to do a two piece seat since the Low Frame addition of the RT has a one piece seat, which was the most uncomfortable seat I've ever had. Could not be happier with the Sargent. Their customer service is second to none. Would recommend Sargent to anyone.



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Before you spend full price on a new Sargent, check here. This is the page where they list their specials. Looks like some good deals by comparison to ordering a new one.

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For about the same price as the one size fits all Sargeant you might consider any number of custom seat manufactures that will make a sit to fit YOU. Yes, It's May and they are busy, but good things come to those who wait. I have a Russell Day Long, and love it. 800 miles this weekend two up, all smiles. Truly a "day long" saddle.


Search for more on Sargeant and Russell. There was recent thread about Sargeant return policy that was enlightening. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, but there are items denoted with asterisks that have restocking fees.


Check out the Russell warranty at




It says among other things "Any Custom fitted "Day-Long" Saddle found not to provide satisfactory comfort after the break-in period may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price provided Russell Cycle Products is notified within a 8 month period and allowed at least two chance's to adjust the seat for any condition Russell Cycle Products deems correctable within the 8 month period."



And my Russell post at:





Yes, I'm a big fan of companies that stand behind there product, and tend to avoid those who don't.



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Your profile doesn't say where you are located. If in or close to Florida, you could ride to Jacksonville and have the Sargent people fit you.


If you are on the left coast, Russell or one of the Mayer brothers (or even Corbin) may be within riding distance. If you live in some other part of the country, you may want to ask for references or find a custom upholsterer. Anybody can build you a comfortable seat if they can interact with you during the build process, but trying to get a good fit long distance through the mail is time consuming, inconvenient, and expensive.


I just picked up a lightly used Bill Mayer seat to replace my Sargent front seat. They look fairly similar, but feel totally different. Evey Sargent I have ever sat on has felt rather flat; the Mayer is much more dished, pushes me slightly more forward, and seems to rotate my pelvis forward a little. In addition, it feels like more of my body is in contact with the seat, with no pressure points, so pressure is distributed more evenly across a wider area. I haven't put the Mayer to a long distance test yet, but first impressions are encouraging.

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+1 on the Bill Mayer saddle AND on doing a ride-in fitting. Just got mine done on Friday and had a very happy bum on the ride home.

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I bought a Sargent for my 2000 R1100RT and couldn't return it fast enough. It was harder that the stock seat, and I didn't like the shape, either.


Many people are happy with various pads which cost a lot less than Russell/Rocky/Bill, but the pads won't conduct the heat you want.


If I were in your shoes, I'd at least talk to a local upholsterer. There's no reason they can't do a better job than Sargent or Corbin.

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I have a Sargent on my 06 RT. It was on it when I bought it so I have no comparison but it is comfy thus far. I have been asking myself though if I would be more comfortable with a seat with a backrest like I believe Corbin offers...

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I have a Sargent, it came on the bike and I find it very comfortable. If I needed one fast I would visit the airport, find out who upholsters aircraft seats, and get them to fix your seat. Did that on previous bike, and could not have been more happy. If they please a pilot, they can please you.



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Kerry in Mpls

I have a Sargent on my '06 RT, previous owner had put it on. It looks great and fits the bike perfectly. But the shape is not ideal where it counts. It is dished slightly in the middle, then there is sort of a ridge under each thigh. This isn't obvious until you sit on it, because the cover material tends to stretch taut when no pressure is on it. As I ride I feel pressure under my thighs, more than I would like. You might see what I mean about the shape by looking at the photo about 1/3 down on this page:



It is better than stock, but it just isn't quite perfect. I may try to add some foam to the middle, but that might upset other things, like how high I sit in the saddle, which affects line of sight, wind etc. I've ridden over 8000 miles with this seat, so it's certainly not a showstopper, but I think it is something potential buyers should be aware of.



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All the replies underscore the fact that what is right for one person is wrong for another.


You specifically asked for a quick buy on a heated seat; I think your only option is the Sargent, given your parameters.


Here's how I did it, with Sargent's approval: I ordered the standard no-heat seat, tried it for three weeks, decided it would work, and got an RMA, while simultaneously ordering a heated version. I was only out the return shipping, rather than the restocking fee for the heated seat. Last week my wife and I spent four 400+-mile days on the bike, as an example of our satisfaction.


I agree with krussell's suggestion to deal with a company that will allow a return. I bought the Sargent, by the way, after a six-month, four-try ordeal with a well-known custom seat maker, despite the fact that we (my wife and I) both went to the shop for the custom fitting. The subsequent owner of that custom seat is apparently happy, as I never heard from him again.



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