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Gas Leak '99 R11R


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Recent knee surgery has kept me off the bike for a few weeks. Last time I rode it I changed all the fluids knowing the bike would sit for a couple months.


Yesterday I just had to go out to the garage to look at it. I decided to start it up just to hear it run and then I looked under the bike and saw gas dripping on the floor on the right side.


Nearing panic, I hobbled around the bike and saw gas leaking profusely out of one of the tank hoses. Checking further I found the worm-drive screw had loosened up letting gas leak out. It was the gas line nearest the RTB that was loose. I gave it at least three full turns to tighten it, and restarted the bike. There was no further leaking so everything is AOK.


I was wondering how the clamp loosened up and thought how fortunate it was that I started the bike with no intention of riding it. Normally, I would have jumped on the bike to go riding & would have been leaking gas profusely, wondering why my gas mileage was so poor. Additionally, it could have caught on fire as it leaked on the exhaust pipe.


Last time anything like that happened to me was on a '72 Harley FLH going over Steven's Pass in Washington. I had the throttle pegged and all of a sudden my right foot got cold, looked down and saw gas streaming out of the carb onto my boot!



AZ 86404

'99 R11R

'07 Lance 150 Scooter (waaaay fun!)

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Revperry, probably not so much the clamp loosening up as the rubber hose shrinking or deforming under the clamp pressure.. Some additives in gasoline can soften or even deteriorate certain rubber or neoprene parts & ozone in the surrounding air can effect the outside of the hose..




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