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50K miles and a loud ticking has developed


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I did a search but all I found was trans related. I notice it when stopped at traffic lights. Mine doesn't change when the clutch pulled in. I usually kick it into neutral when coming to a stop (depends on situation, no lectures). I just had an annual service done, runs great. Smoother than it's ever been. Could it be the cam chain tensioners? OR?

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Gene, could be any number of things.. Can you tell if it is engine speed or ½ engine speed?


Can you tell what side,, or if out near the cyl heads or more internal to the crankcase?


Might be as simple as a slightly loose valve or excess side play in a rocker arm.. Could be timing tensioner or timing chain related.. Could even be alternator belt or balance shaft related..


You nee to define the area it is coming from & what frequency related to engine speed..




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