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Riding Gear for Big Guys


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Being about the size of your average NFL lineman, I have always had a problem finding proper riding gear to fit me.


I finally took the plunge and ordered a Motoport Ultra II Kevlar mesh jacket & pants with liners and armor. It arrived yesterday and I got to wear it today.


Big Guys, I'm hear to tell you, it was well worth the money and it ain't cheap! It fits perfectly, is well made and is VERY comfortable. If you want style over function, look elsewhere. If you want gear that fits perfectly and is made to protect you and last a long time, this is it. I was amazed how comfortable it is. The over pants went right over my normal jeans. In warmer weather, you can wear shorts under the over pants. The weave seems to be a bit more open than my other mesh jacket and the air flow is great. I didn't need the liners today, but they appear to be very well made too.


I got the HiVis/Black jacket and had the upper pockets changed to "map" pockets. (see pics in the Hi-Res Images section. Guy in HiVis jacket showing thumbs up) I had the lower pockets changed from black to HiVis. The pants are black. I also had the 2" reflective tape put on jacket and pants. The wife was behind me on her bike and said that you can spot the HiVis jacket a mile away! She said "If someone doesn't see you in that, they're not even looking". I can see a Motoport suit in her near future!


To have the suit custom fitted is a significant up-charge. This may have been because of my large size, but I mention it so that if you start thinking along these lines, you won't be surprised. Wayne at Motoport will tell you the cost right up front. For those of you thinking "They won't make em to fit me", WRONG! I thought that too. Wayne said he made a set for a guy that is 6'5", 550 lbs. I'm guessing, like me, most of you are somewhere below that.


Other than being a happy customer, I am not affiliated with Motoport in any way.


Check them out.




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+1 on the Motoport, I have the opposite problem. I have a very short inseam (27") all the riding gear put the armor in the wrong place. The Ultra II kevlar mesh pants are great.

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+1 on the Motoport. I too am a big guy and found Motoport quality and service to be excellent. I have the pants and jacket in cordura, and recently got the mesh jacket. Top notch stuff!

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