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2003 RT High Beam


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What's the trick to getting the high beam (H1) bulb out? I swear I'm following the directions from the owner's manual, but it just doesn't want to come out fully. The Clymer book is completely useless here.



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If the 2003 is the same as the 2004, the long thing that holds the bulb needs to be backed out carefully. The metal part on the front of the holder can hang up. If you pull too hard, you could separate the parts leaving the bulb and holder up in the headlight housing with no hope of retrieving it.


On my 2004RT the high beam is an H3.

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I broke the plastic part behind the metal ring when changing the bulb on my '04 RT. Does anyone know the P/N and where I can get a replacement? I have checked all the sites with drawings and schematics, but this bulb holder assy is not shown or listed.


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the reply. In my searching, I found this part number at A&S, but the R1150RT is not listed as a fit. I assume, as the owner of an 1150RT yourself, that you have first hand knowledge that it does?


Thanks again.


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Actually, when I first got my '02 R1150RT, I replaced the high beam with a 100w H3. I noticed that the little protruding piece on the side of the plastic part was not fully engaging the metal sleeve causing it to pop out of place. I had asked for the part number on the board back then (around 2002) since the parts guy at my local dealer and I could not find it anywhere without ordering the whole headlight assembly, and someone else on the board posted it. I just kept the part number so I would have it next time if I needed it when replacing the bulb. BTW, I have posted the part number a couple of times since then and no one has replied that it did not fit or work.

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