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Oil pressure switch

Andrew B

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As a first post, I want to say "hi" to everyone on the board. I have been a lurker for 3 months now since I bought my 2002 R1150RS. I haven't ridden it much as I'm giving her a bit of a fettle and checking everything out.


I changed all the lubes, oil / air filters and the plugs and she runs OK. One thing I did notice was the oil pressure light didn't illuminate, so I swapped the bulb, still no light, so I slipped the wire off the switch and grounded it...bingo, light came on. I metered the switch through and works out the switch was U/S.


I bought and fitted a new switch and everthings now OK.


Being the nosey typre I decided to take the old switch apart using a dremel, inside it I found a little plastic button had swelled slighly causing it to jam in a metal sleeve and this prevented the switch contacts closing again.


Anyone else ever had a switch pack up?

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Not uncommon at all on these bikes. The most common mode of failure is a leak in the diaphragm but I guess there's a thousand ways to die... :grin:

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The most common mode of failure is a leak in the diaphragm
Not nice!


I have never had a Smiths or Lucas switch give up. The diaphram appears to be made from thick yellow mylar.

I take it that the thread on the switch is M12, if I get hassle again I'll make up an M12 to 1/8" BSP adapter and fit a Smiths, which are 1/3rd the price of the original article.

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