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Chewed up spark plug cap


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As I tried to do my valve adjustment this evening on my r1200rt, I ended up chewing the spark plug coil cap.

I used Mac parnes spark plug cap puller. I held it securely at pulled out straight towards me . After multiple attempts the out come is the plastic cap on the spak plug coil is all chewed up

Now the Marc Parnes tool is not able to grip on the chewed up plastic cap. I do not know how to get it out

How do I pull the spark plug coil now??? Please help.

I am assuming I need to replace the spark plug coil now once I am able to remove the old one?

I used the tool on the right side and it worked fine.

Any advice??


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Wrap a stout piece of string around the body of the coil and gently pull it straight out. Or you can use two screwdrivers and pry it out using a rag to pad the valve cover.

As far as replacing the coil I'd wait and see if it's still functional. If it's still good, use it. Those coils ain't cheap. :thumbsup:

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Palani, as a rule you can pry the coil out with two fairly large screwdrivers.. If the coil top depressions are severely damaged you might need something a little sharper than dull screwdrivers..


The string trick might also work but I if the coil is stuck that tight that the proper tool wouldn’t pull it out I have my doubts that a string will dislodge it.. Maybe both the screwdrivers & the string will give you engage pull to get the coil out… If you do use the string be sure to remove the wire first as the coil can pop out with force & damage the coil or wire..



Just be sure to really protect the rocker cover where the pry bars rest to prevent paint damage..






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Disconnect the coil wire from the coil. Carefully insert the screwdriver in the coil connector, be careful of not bending the pins inside. You may need to pry the other side and alternate back and forth to get it out.


After removal put some talcum powder in the coil stick to prevent it from sticking to the sparkplug.


With either the plastic BMW tool or the Marc Parnes tools you need to pull slowy to keep from breaking the ceramic/epoxied coil. DAMHIK

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Whenever I put back a spark plug cap, I squirt a little WD40 down into the cap. They come off easier but not easy.


It seems with every new advancement the mating is stouter and the wire shorter.

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Thanks for the feedback. I was able to pry the part out using the screw driver.

I was just beating myself over for the screw up. Fist time doing valve job on my bike.


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Didn't get to this thread quick enough to help you, sorry, but for other's future reference; another trick you can use is to unbolt the valve cover and use it to pull the stuck coil off the plug.

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Auto parts houses used to sell a silicone grease product called "Spark Plug Boot Release" to prevent spark plug caps from sticking to spark plug insulators. I think that product was marketed by GE.

The product looks to me just like Dielectic Grease which electricians used to use.


Do you that might know believe these products would work on our BMW spark plug coils?


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Paco, that is what I use (in) all my spark plug boots.. A silicone dielectric grease.. I use the Dow Corning brand (I believe 111, but would have to look to be sure).. That keeps the water out,, prevents oxidation & corrosion,, & make removal in the future much much easier..




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