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battery took a dump, explain?...

Bruce H

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I think my battery has taken a dump. (07 GSA) I rode the bike 1700 miles last week and noticed it started slow. Today I was going on a trip and it wouldn't start at all. I hooked it up to the charger (direct aux socket) and the light flashed green in just a few minutes. I removed the battery, it is a BMW Exide AGM. Guess I'll look for another tommorow. Can I use any battery that will fit? The nearest Honda dealer (50 miles) say he has one that will work. I didn't call the BMW dealer (100 miles) should I? Any reason to use an AGM battery or will a sealed one work just as well?

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Bruce, there have been a couple of R12RT battery threads lately. Seems 3 years is about it for the factory battery (some did not make it that long). If your 07 GSA is still under warranty, it should be replaced by the dealer. But if you are over the mileage already, check out:

R12RT battery thread

PC680 battery in R12RT

I plan on using a Westco AGM battery when my original dies. I have good luck with Westco batteries in my deceased K75RT. Westco shows a battery for the 2006 GS and notes free shipping. Westco battery for 2006 GS

You might check the listed measurements against your original.

Hope you get back up and riding. Bob Buck

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Bruce, there have been more than a few instances of sudden death of the battery in the BMW 1200 bikes.. Mostly on the GEL batteries though..


If your battery REALLY IS an AGM & it was dead (or just about dead) your small maintenance charger probably won’t bring it back to life.. That is one of the little oddities of the AGM type battery.. Once dead they require a pretty good hit of a decent amp input to revive them.. Otherwise they are an excellent battery..


See if you can get a 10-12 amp charger on that battery for a while.. Or push off,, or jump start the bike & allow the on-bike alternator to give it a good kick while riding..


Sure wouldn’t hurt to have your battery load tested (most dealers can do that for you).. If the battery is still good then maybe see what your alternator output is..


On the Honda battery,, I don’t know what to tell you.. As long as it fits & meets the same (or better) amp rating of your OEM battery then probably no problem.. If it is a lower amp rating or won’t properly fit then probably not a good idea..


An AGM is a sealed battery.. So is a GEL battery..


Personally I like the AGM over the GEL type but there are many that like the GEL over the AGM.. I have had better luck using the AGM over GEL type as they are a little more forgiving than the GEL at handling charging variation & aren’t as prone to sudden death..




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