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I hope this message is not viewed as being alarmist. I am passing on the links below as this is something you need to be aware of at this stage.


There has been an outbreak of Swine Flu with cases reported in Mexico (800+) with 16-60 dead, cases reported in San Antonio, Texas (2), cases reported in San Diego County, and Imperial County, California. The USA cases have not been fatal, yet. There is no known cure or vaccine at this time. The CDC has not labeled this a pandemic as yet, but this has the potential to become one. Many of you travel/ride to Mexico this time of year and in the winter. And, we all have friends and family in the US areas so far effected.






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I read on the WHO website that this strain is resistant to amantadine but sensitive to oseltamavir (Tamiflu), which is good news. Haven't read anything yet about zanamavir (Relenza), but seeing that it's also a neuraminidase inhibitor, it should be effective.

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