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Throttle Body Hose Extension?


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Has anyone tried installing a hose joint on the throttle body that would allow easy access for sync? I'm thinking of adding an accessible "T" with a plug (during normal operation) for sync tool connection without removing covers.

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RoadJunkie, I have one on my R/H TBI.. It comes up under the seat with a plug in it.. You can’t do much with the L/H as it has the evap hose hooked to it.. You need to remove or block off the evap hose to do the balance (can’t just tee it into an extension hose)..


BUT,, you can access the L/H evap hose & install your balance gauge hose on the L/H side TBI nipple by using a pair of hemostats (or bent end needle nose pliers) a there is just enough room between the L/H plastic & TBI to access that side without removing plastic panels..


You still have to remove a plastic panel if you need to make a cable adjustment..





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Well, true, you do have to remove the panel to make adjustments, but I have checked the balance several times with no adjustment needed. Guess I'm getting lazy! Thanks, Twisty.

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