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brake fluid


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I seem to remember using just over a quart for the total brake system and clutch replacement. There are a couple of great threads on these procedures in the M/C FAQ at the top of the page too. Lots of great info there, the info in those threads plus a bit of assistance made the job easy.

Wheel Circuit Bleed


Control Circuit Bleed


Clutch Bleed


You may also want to check out the Spring Northeast Tech Day in Connecticut May 2nd

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THIS is the stuff I use for both bikes and cars.


It comes in Litre cans and you buy one Ate Typ 200 and one Ate Blue. Use the Typ 200 for your first change then the Blue for your second and so on. It makes it VERY easy to see when you have all the old fluid out...goes from gold to blue to gold to blue etc...etc...ad nauseum, ad infinitum :grin::thumbsup:



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Two 12-oz cans for the wheel circuits only.


A quart plus a 12-oz can if you're also doing the control circuits and clutch.


Maybe it can be done with less than that, I don't know.

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