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Marty's Birthday !!


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Happy Birthday. Since I'll be choosing a Medicare plan shortly, I'll be calling you soon to get a long-time recipient's insight. :wave:

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Marty has birthdays? Wow, hoodathunkit. Marty, I'm sitting here in the lobby of the Maggie Valley Inn justa waiten' on ya. Even brought down those boots you left at my place. I'll wrap and put a big old birthday bow on them. See you in a bit.



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Hey Marty,


You made it another year without having to go to the airport :dopeslap::rofl:. You have yourself a wonderful birthday!!!!!

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Thanks all. had a great day of riding to the BRR get together and spent the evening with a bunch of friends.


Nora, I'd forgotten that I told you that story/it will be awhile before I go to the airport. :rofl:

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