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Well, my headlight went out, LAMP warning with symbol on the readout.

F800ST, 2008. So I replaced the bulb. Nothing. Checked the bulb with the high beam connector, bulb good. Ran the motor. Still nothing.

There are no fuses. They are computer controlled circuit breakers that should set automatically.

Others who have done this told me it just reset.

Somebody says Can-Bus. What about HexCodeGS911? What could it tell me?

Or what else could be the problem.


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Well, David, as you know this is not normal. You shouldn't have to manually reset a code from a burned out bulb.


I hate to say this, but the bike is under warranty, and you should take it in to the dealer to be sorted out. At least you have several dealers to choose from down in LA.


I'm betting on a software glitch. Too bad no one who might have a clue has responded. Have you tried the F800forum?


I haven't seen anything on this issue over there, but I don't usually hang out on the ST/S section.


Good luck. And let us know what you find out.



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What I found out, was that the thing reset itself, after a little driving. Maybe 3 miles and the warning went out, then about another five miles, and 2 stops, and the headlight came back on. The only thing I can think is that the computer, which runs the fuse, circuit breaker, turns it back on slowly. Weird and strange. But when I got to the dealer, it was back on.

Maybe it's like the gas. Takes time before the gauge comes up after refueling.



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