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Chicago Motorcycle Parking??


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Late in May I have a brief appointment in downtown Chicago. I'm planning to ride there but am wondering about short term motorcycle parking. I'll be in the vincinity of the Hyatt/Sheraton hotels along the river. I'll probably only be an hour so I'm going to see if I can schmooz my way into leaving the bike in the entrance of the hotel. If that turns out not to be an option are there hourly motorcycle rates for the public lots? Garmin is showing a public lot right next to the Sheraton. Thanks to any Chicagoans who might know.

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If it truly is a short term while in a meeting in the Hotel, just pull into the entrance - the attendant should be able to find a spot for you - - be prepared to tip for this courtesy.

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Your best bet is to tip the valet so he'll let you park in the hotel entrance. There is some street parking on Park Street (ironically) directly north of the Sheraton, if you can find a spot, but you need to have a roll of quarters to feed our newly privatized parking meters. (We actually have a brochure on how to park your motorcycle on the street in Chicago). There's also surface lots directly north and east of the Sheraton. Motorcycles pay the same rate as cars, unless you can bribe the attendant, but they'll often let you park in sight of the attendant's shack so you have a little more security. You'll likely be shocked at how much parking costs in Chicago - after the first hour or two it's the full daily rate, which at the garage next to my office is $32.


There's a nice Chicago parking information site at http://www.chicagoparkingmap.com

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Eebie's got more experience with this than I do. Some of the parking garages prohibit motorcycles, reasoning that we're more likely to get smashed by the automatic arms at the entrances and exits. I agree with him about the best approach--if you slip the guy at a hotel a twenty, you'll likely get to park it someplace in front of the hotel. And, sadly, that's cheaper than just about any parking facility in the city.


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