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Hwy2 Grand opening

Tool Man

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Those who live in the So. Cal. region are familiar with the superb Hwy 2 riding from La Canada to Wrightwood. As you all know a heavy snow pack in '05 undermined the Hwy. just west of Vincent Gap. Other weather related and political influences delayed the road repair.


Since living in Wrightwood part time 4 days a week for the last 5yrs. and a reserve patrol Ranger for the USFS in that region, I've been able to keep up with the progress rather closely. Many of my photo's have been distributed showing the road and progress affairs.


I'm here to announce the bridge is completed and all the road surfaces requiring repair have been completed. The normal opening of the gates between Islip Saddle and Vincent Gap is Memorial day weekend. However, the ribbon cutting cermonies for the new bridge that spans the gap because of the landslide in '05 will be May 20. (closed to the public) The road should formaly open May 23


I've been driving the road from Wrightwood to Islip saddle and it's in great shape. We've been assigned to drive it twice a day while on patrol honking our horns and sirens to help make the wildlife aware that traffic is present. Big Horn Sheep frequent the high country of the Angeles Forest and they have been wandering about on the road oblivious to mankind for the last 4yrs. I advise when the road opens be very cautious scanning the hill sides for Deer, Bear, Mountain Lions and Big Horn Sheep. We've had them all lumber into our path looking at us like what are we doing there.


Here is a link of the discussions and progress since '05 to present: http://www.wrightwoodcalif.com/forum/index.php?topic=2997.0


be safe, enjoy


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Dennis Andress

Thanks for letting us know. I honestly didn't think that road was going to be repaired.


By the way, where have you been hiding?



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Hi guys, I appologize for not stopping by the forum as much as I use to. Topics got to be so repetitive I didn't have much to say that hadn't been said already. I'll make it an effort to get in and open a can of worms more often.... :lurk:


While still on topic of local Mtn. road closures. Hwy 39 out of Azuza Cyn. that intersects with Hwy2 at Islip Saddle is being surveyed by the Caltrans Engineers. It seems $$$ is being spent towards possibly opening 39 again.


I will say this about that... :eek: every resident in Wrightwood will sign the petition blocking the possible repair of Hwy 39 including me. Why, the element that occupies that area is unsuitable to breath air. Most LEO's won't go up there without several back up units. That element will spill over the hill and create more havoc than can be dealt with.


Ya'll ride safe and welcome to Wrightwood !


BTW, the Grizzley's sweet potatoe fries are the shiznit !

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I used to spend way too much time up there in the early 90's. I have been looking forward to having the gate opened again for a looong time! That back side of the mountain into Wrightwood was always a treat and technical too.



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I used to spend way too much time up there in the early 90's. I have been looking forward to having the gate opened again for a looong time! That back side of the mountain into Wrightwood was always a treat and technical too.



Yea me too....started riding it in the mid 80's and when I was a guest test rider with Motorcyclist we'd take the test bikes up there and thrash-em. But we'd have to wait for the photo van and Fran was very particular about back lighting and sun position.....jeesh. If it hadn't been for all those memorable years I wouldn't have thought about buying my future retirement home in Wrightwood. I'm glad I did and have met some great people in town and the back country hiking (in my back yard as I like to put it) is great. It's kinda cool to ride up do patrol and the next day go out to the Tehachapi's or lower Sierra's and ride back to the mountain without dealing with L.A. traffic and sleeping in my own bed.


I'm also the VP of the Wrightwood Disaster Communications Group (KW6WW)and that keeps me occupied as well.


I keep my XR650 up there and my 4x4 in the garage so no shortage of something to do when I'm not on patrol or pulling dim wits out of the ditches in the winter.


Our patrol area will cover over to Islip saddle were Little Jimmy campground is. I'm sure I'll be spending even more time now at Newcombs for a lunch run. So ya never know if a guy with a flat top in a FS truck is having lunch, could be me. :thumbsup:


Most importantly I would like to stress being careful when we open the gate, as rock debris is heavy this time of year due to the run off from snow melt. Caltrans has promised they would run blades twice a day until the slides stabilize. Fortunately there isn't much sinder debris left on the road that can be hard to see in the shaded

areas. I'm also concerned now that I've arrived first on scene for three years of bikes vrs. gaurdrail or debris, that I may attend to somebody I know. That's part of the gig I know, but please be carefull up there.


Another topic of interest is, I have been discussing with (Dave) the guy who owns the bakery in town, a ride from Wrightwood to Newcombs Ranch when the road is open. It would be very cool to meet up with riders at Newcombs coming up from down below and ride with them into Wrightwood. If there's any interest in this let me know and I'll pass it along to see what we can do. If there is interest, I'll start a new post. :thumbsup:


In closing, this is much of the reason I haven't frequented the forum much lately..... been hav'n to much dam fun :clap:


Ride Smart and the pace,


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The Crest Krew has been waiting a long time to hear this news. Actually, we've been keeping up to date with the progress through the guys at Newcomb's but the link that you have going is very interesting.

It'll be nice to see you again up at Newcomb's and a whole lot more enjoyable going over the new bridge than out Mt. Emma Road in the summer.


Thanks for the update, I'll pass it along to the Krew.

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We patroled the closed section between Islip Saddle and Vincent Gap several times this weekend. Caltrans is running their snow plowes in their best effort to keep the constant rock debris clear due to the snow run off. There is still a considerable amount of snow on the north facing side from Dawson Saddle to Vincent Gap. Two avalanche's covering the road also required clearing. This is what Caltrans uses for taking care of buis.



This is a recent picture of Baden Powel at Vincent Gap. It's still a little chilly up there, and yes that's Catalina in the background.





This is what the back side of Baldy looks like taken at Inspiration Point.






I plan to carry my FS radio during my commutes Thurs.-Sun. should I happen across down or strandad riders I can call dispatch for aid.


Only 32 more days to go :clap:


be safe


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