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Is it allowed to post this here???


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Hi everybody,


since you're our family away from home, I thought to post a few pictures here of a 'Dumas' family event that took place yesterday....



an extremely proud father .... I am supposed to 'give away' the bride... well... I just 'LOANED' her to you, Menno !! ;)





Alright, WHERE do I sign again????

Menno's Dad and Mom behind the happy couple.





Nina and Francois...... no need to do anything this time.... everything is under control.





Happy couple after the 'official part' .... mind you, Viv always smiles when she sees a cake.. just like her Dad :grin:









The hotel where the marriage took place is and old building at Amsterdam's old harbor..... there wasn't much of a 'photo opportunity', but the couple made up for that.














Happy Family and newly weds









Allas, this morning the magic was gone again... back to work in my normal 'work position' ..... :dopeslap:



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Congrats to all. I hope they have a lifetime of happiness together.


On a somewhat different note, my dad's middle name is Menno . . . or it was supposed to be. He discovered when he applied for his first passport that the country doctor didn't have very good handwriting, so instead of having a good old Dutch middle name, his birth certificate read "Muno." He's been mad over that for about 40 years now.

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

Great looking couple and family. You have much to be proud of.



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Congratulations! Menno and Viv are a lovely couple.


Best wishes to the newlyweds for a life time of happiness! :clap:


And remember, Francois, you have not lost a daughter, you have gained a son.

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Congratulations Francois that's really wonderful. And it's somewhat ironic. Our little girl was just wed 2 weeks ago. Hope you won't mind if I post a couple of us. Seems you and I share a similar amount of gray too. :grin:










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Congratulations Francois and Nina...and Albert too. It is wonderful to see your children all grown up and full of hope for a lifetime of happiness with their new partner. May all their problems be small and all their successes shared.

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Thanks everybody !!


@Albert and daughter: congratulations !!! We seem to be sharing more than just a motorbike indeed :)

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Everyone looks so happy! Nice, very nice. Reminds me of giving away my daughter 7 yrs ago. They are still going strong and have a wonderful life. Many blessings to the new couple!!



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