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New in Town...or site


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Hello all.

Not sure if this is the correct forum area to introduce myself but I'm sure you will let me know.


I was directed over here by another of your type...Rich in Benicia, CA


My name is Mike, 54, live in the south SF Bay Area. Been riding since 1972. I've owned four bikes over that time (1977 XS7502D, 1989 BMW K100RS, 1993 K1100RS, 2006 BMW K1200GT) so you know I don't switch out very often.

I only have 21k on this GT (bought it used with 9k on it) but I ride when I can.

My wife and I enjoyed two weeks last summer riding to Colorado and then to Banff.


We were told about the Torrey ride but its a little too late to get that into our plans. Maybe the fall ride there.


Hope to meet some of you.



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Welcome Mike! I think you'll be happy with the forum. Many easy going people and a wealth of information for whatever project you're working on. :wave:

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Howdy Mike,

I too owned a '77 XS750 sold it with 86,000 mi then bought a used '79 and sold it with 42,000.

Welcome aboard.

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Thanks guys.

My wife and I would like to plan on the fall Torrey ride...but that's a ways off.


Taking the GT in for 18k service tomorrow.

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