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Paint peeling from footpeg hangers


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Both hangers on my 06 R1200RT are suffering badly from peeling paint - in fact it's coming off in sheets. The local franchise don't think there will be any goodwill from BMW and have priced the supply and fitting of new ones at about $500!


So, it looks like they will have to come off to be blasted, primed and repainted


Has anyone been down this route and have experiences to share?

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Kritou, are you talking about the rear sub frame tubes that loop down,, or the aluminum side plates that the actual foot pegs attach to?


If the sub frame loops then that is a lot of work to remove.. If just the side plates then those come off easily & can be painted or powder coated fairly easily..





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The local franchise don't think there will be any goodwill from BMW..


I would have them ask anyway so you know for sure. Be polite, but firm. See if they'll go to bat for you. Offer to supply some photos to send in with the request. This component was obviously mis-manufactured and BMW should stand behind it regardless of mileage, especially if your bike is less than 3 years old.



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John Bentall

BMW made a partial goodwill payment when mine peeled - just outside warranty.

In hindsight it would have cost me less to take them to an alloy wheel refurbishment place.

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OK - been round to a recoating firm and John's hindsight would appear to be correct!! Their prices are not outrageous so I'm going to have one of the wheel rims done as well


If I unbolt the silver panels will the rear subframe have to be supported?


And does anyone know the BMW colour code for the hangers?



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