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Westcoasters-its still not too late....


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Les is more

It looks to me like we're under the wire for all but the Easterners.


If you're still listening, this is the sound of one hand wishing you a Happy Birthday!

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....let blame Bakersdonuts for the upgrade.


We used to be notified.



Happy Birthday .......Bobber



L and L




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to wish BULLman a Happy B-day :dopeslap:


No one remembered :cry: :cry: :cry:

I feel your pain Bull. Sometimes, the important ones get overlooked. Happy Birthday!
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I celebrated your birthday by golfing at Reidy Creek today. I shot a 66 (and before you congratulate me, I should add that it was an executive par 54 course). Anyway, happy birthday, belated though it may be in Florida.

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Don't know how your brothers (and sisters) in Florida missed your birthday, but this one sez "Sorry...and Happy Birthday." At the club picnic on Saturday, you should have hinted to us that the big day was imminent. :wave:

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Jerry Johnston

Happy Birthday Bullman and Happy Birthday for next year (in case we forget). ? No birthday emicon :S

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