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R1200ST side case latch


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Mine broke today when I was opening it. The plastic paddle handle snapped inside the case. The right side case, that is. These have always been stiff to open and close. Not what I would have expected for the royal price for them.


So, are parts available to rebuild these latching mechanisms or can I get a replacement latching mechanism?

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Thanks for the information. Any idea why these latches are so stiff? It seems to me that the stiffness is part and parcel of why this part broke.

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Chris, not sure why your latches were so tight but as a rule if you use your knee to push the cover in towards the case that will unload the latch mechanism enough to make the latch easier to use..

The ones I have seen with stiff latches were caused by a combination of cover loading on the latch & poor design..


You can lubricate the mechanism & latch parts & that usually helps for a while but the stiffness will usually return at a later date..





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