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R1100RT seat


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Just got home from a 400 mile ride and can hardly move. 1996 R1100RT that I have had several weeks. I had my stock seat lowered so I could reach the ground but it is miserable. I'm a lady 5'5" and 115 lb. Does anyone in the Phoenix area have a single front seat that you would loan me (or sell to me cheap)while I send mine to Spencers to get the front tilt taken out?

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You could try adding additional spacers to the front (adjusting) mechanisms. That's a common way to make the seat not tilt so much forward.



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I will ditto what Woodie says. Additionally, my experience was to buy a used seat on ebay and send it off to Rick Mayer to have a custom seat built. I then sold my old Corbin seat on ebay.


BTW, Welcome to the forum, hope to hear a lot more from you. You have a great bike, hope you can get it comfortable. :wave:

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If all you're doing is taking the front tilt out, don't send it out. Just add spacers as advised above, or just slice a very small slice out of the rear bumpers under the seat. Use a sharp knife and take off only a little at a time. Make a small cut, try it, then cut more if necessary. You'll probably only need about 1/4 - 3/8 inch. It makes a world of difference, costs nothing, and takes 10 minutes.

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