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What cha think Mitch?


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But, the Coral Castle in South Florida is from the 1920's and pretty impressive too.


"Whenever Edward Leedskalnin was asked, "How did you build the Castle?" he replied, "It’s not difficult really. The secret is in knowing how." Edward Leedskalnin would go so far as stating that he could see beads of light on objects that he said were the physical presence of nature's magnetism. He explained that scientists have incorrect knowledge of atomic structure and electricity. He stated that all forms of existence are made up of three components, North and South poles and neutral particles of matter. He claimed to have "re-discovered the laws of weight, measurement, and leverage." Edward Leedskalnin stated that these laws "involved the relationship of the Earth to celestial alignments." Beyond these sketchy explanations, Edward didn't say much."


Perfectly aligned 9 ton gate a five year old can open with one finger.


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