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HID Headlight Upgrade


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I just finished installing an HID upgrade on my bike. I was listening to the radio on the bike while I was working, got everything tied down, got all the tupperware back in place. Then I started the bike up to move it across the garage and as soon as I turn the key on, the radio goes to nothing but static. I'm guessing this is the ballast causing this loss of signal. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Is there a fix, or will the radio just not work?



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Dax, pull the power supply to the ballast.. If the problem goes away then you have your answer..


Maybe just move the ballast away from the radio or antenna,, or power the ballast from another power source,, or shield the ballast (depends on if the problem is air born or coming I through the power/ground wiring)..


Hopefully you just knocked the radio antenna wire loose at the radio..




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As an FYI, I have installed a HID upgrade on my RT with a similar issue, but I have noticed two things:


1) An aftermarket radio with an inline noise filter eliminates the problem.


2) The stock radio will exhibit the problem when:

A) The HID lamp has not reached operating temperature.

B) The radio signal isa weak.


I have three noise filters if you want to try one, One is on an aftermarket radio I am going to ditch because I got it wet one day and the eject button for the CD no longer works. You can still get it to eject if you run through the firmware update process (hold down two buttons), but since I use bluetooth for mucis I reinstalled the stock radio. This in the smallest filter.


The other two is a 15 amp and a 25 amp (still in the box). If you want any of them, just pay for shipping and it is yours. If you need it. First thing I would suggest is pull it out og the garage and get a good signal. Then either ride it or just let the buld warm up and see if the noise goes away.


And of course what Twisty mentioned still applies too!

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