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Mirror Glass 1150 RT


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I broke a mirror on my 1150 RT. Went to the A&S parts fiche and there are 2 listings

Mirror Glass 1200mm

Mirror Glass 1400mm

What is the difference and how can you tell. None of the markings on my mirror glass are anywhere near a part number.

Thank in advance


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Jerry Johnston

About 200mm ! Hey you asked. It doesn't make sense to me since 1400mm is 55.12" and 1200mm is 47.24" ? When I replaced the mirror in my r1100rt it cost about $30 and there was only one. Maybe the prices will give you a clue?

The part number for the right side on an r1100rt (which should be the same as yours) is 46-63-2-313-722 . Maybe you should look at Multivex mirrors.

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I just knew I would get that answer, I was thinking it myself.

The prices are the same. I just wonder if it has something to do with the curve of the glass for the things are closer than they appear effect.

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R1150RT mirror, left - 466 323 13721, right - 466 323 13722


Jerry's right - same as R1100RT


I paid $25.50 (installed) four years ago. Retail now is $39.48, making the Multivex look pretty attractive!

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