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What are my options for mounting a 2610 on a 2002 R1150RT


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I have a Garmin 2610 and would like to mount it on my R1150RT.

I will also be using a locking cradle for the GPS unit similar to if not most likely the MvG locking mount for Touratech.



I need to find a way to mount this and I don't think I want to use a shelf plate. What options do I have?



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The absolute best option, in my opinion, is the Gadget Guy mount. Pricey, but worth it.


My bike originally had the standard BMW fork-top mount for the Navigator II (Garmin 2610, basically). I didn't like this because I had to look down too far to see it, and it got in the way of flipping my tank bag up for fill-ups.


I tried a BMR shelf. This put the GPS too close for me to read with my graduated-lens glasses. And it vibrated a lot.


Now I have the GG mount and I'm a happy camper. I won't say it doesn't vibrate, but it's rarely so much that I can't see what I need to see. And it puts the unit very close to the windshield.

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I had my Zumo installed with a mix of RAM arms and mount. It cluttered my handlebars to the point of getting me pissed off and so I did a search on ebay and came up with a GadgetGuy mount on sale from BMW Motorcycles of North County. Rather than buying through ebay, I gave them a call at 760-520-1288 and had it shipped. The mount was 89 plus 12 for S&H. I ordered a couple other items to make the most of the S&H. The mount is rock solid, no noticeable vibration. I believe they had at least 1 more mount so you may want to give them a call.



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hawksproducts.com has an awesome gps mount for up in your field of view. Worked awesome on my '02 WITH A 2610 til I sold it.

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Might want to consider the non MVG mount.

Some feel there is too much movement with the MVG cushions,

especially with heavier units,such as the 2xxx series.




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