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Looking for a dehumidifier. Anyone got a recommedation?


I currently live in a rented house--in Florida, so I need something that will "plug and play" in the house. I'm assuming (yes, I know what it means) that I'm looking for a portable "room" model.


Thanks for any assistance,



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I'd be amazed if you can find one that isn't made in China or Korea. If at all possible, put it in a place where you can run a drain hose; almost all of them have a standard hose thread connector. It's amazing how little time it takes to fill the reservoir; if you aren't at home when this happens, no dehumidification until you dump the water -- which gets tedious after a while.

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Up here in the sunny PNW it help to run a dehumidfier during certain times of the year to keep the dampness down. I bought one at Sears 8 yrs. ago and run 7-8 months per year -- pretty bulletproof. Occasionally drop a little bit of bleach in the reservoir to eliminate any mold

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We've been using a Whirlpool Coolerator for over 10 years, maybe a lot longer.

I don't have a hose hooked up, I just empty it when it is needed.

I look at additional drain holes in the reservoir as possible sources of leaks or blockages.


Best wishes.

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