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Phantom Electrical Problem


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I rode my 2002 1150RT this morning and everything was fine. When I left to come home I did not have any lights. No headlights, turn signals, horn, taillight. I do have brake lights. The bike starts right up and runs fine. I checked fuses, ground wires, and tried swapping the relays. Nothing helped. Anybody have some ideas. Thanks, Len

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Strip it down to the frame and start working the wiring harness while key is on to find the problem area. Sounds like a connector, broken wiring, pinched wiring, loose/worn wiring, hot short to ground,etc..Moving and josselling the harness/connectors while the key is on may help to locate the problem area.

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Lenny, with all those things out at once maybe start at the load relief relay in the fuse box..


If you look in the fuse box you will see a row of fuses along the rear.. If you go straight forward from the fuses to the front of the fuse box you will see a row of relays.. The farthest relay on the left (shifter side) is the starter relay,, the next one to the right of that is the load relief relay (this is the one),, the next one over to the right is the horn relay.. In a lot of cases the horn relay & the load relief relay can be swapped.. Next time the problem happens try swapping the horn relay & the load relief relay (make sure they look the same before you do).. If that fixes the problem buy a new relay..




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