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4th of July weekend tech day southeast PA


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Just trying to gauge interest in a tech day in southeast PA on 4th of July weekend.

Who is interested? I'll host if there is interest.


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I have the 18k service and new skins due in about 2 weeks but being we are almost neighbors I wouldn't mind attending to help out and meet other locals. I also have an assortment of torque wrenches and other tools I could bring.



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Well, that makes 3 of us. I'll wait a bit longer and see if anyone else turns up.


I have torque wrenches, everything needed for a brake bleed, feeler gauges for valve adjustment, manometer for TB synch, basic hand tools, air compressor, everything for an oil change except the oil filter wrench if yours is different from a '02 RT. If anyone is going to do tires we will need tire tools and balancer.

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