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Handle bar - fork bridge movement '03 R1150RT


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I had my bike MOT (road safety) tested yesterday and the engineer doing the test noticed that there is a movement in the Handle bar - upper fork bridge. If you rock the bars up and down they move slightly. It seems like the centre bearing needs tightening. The items numbered 35 and 42 on this diagram. The diagram is of an R1100R but it suffices to illustrate my point.




Is it normal for there to be some movement on this bearing other than the obvious pivoting on the axis?


Can it be tightened or am I going to have to replace it?


The bike passed its road safety test. The engineer was not a BMW specialist and so had little experience of this type of bike, he just thought the movement seemed odd and advised me to get further advice.


I would appreciate any comments prior to getting the bike into my local BMW dealer.


Many thanks



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