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I've decided to upgrade my Widder vest to something with heated sleeves, but I'm concerned about tripping the Z-whatsit on the CANbus. I have a fused SAE plug for the battery charger, which just goes from one battery terminal to the other. Can I run a heated jacket off that?



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Stu, sure you can run your heated gear from that fused SAE plug,, as long as it is fused high enough to handle the jacket loading..


You might try running your new sleeved heated jacked from the Can-Bus outlet.. You have a later 1200 bike & those will usually handle 10 amps.. My late 1200RT will easily handle my Gerbings heated jacket liner but not the heated jacket & heated gloves on high for long periods..

I know the RT is 10 amps but the R seems to still be a bit lower (maybe 5 amps).. Not real sure on your GS but would imagine it is like the RT at 10 amps.. Just try it,, if it gives you a problem then hook to the SAE connector..





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I have connected my Gerbing gear via cable and fuse directly to the battery, for me and the sozius. The connector I just take out between the seats and the fairing. Works well.

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On my 07RT, I've tried every combination of heated clothing to see if the front outlet would fail while having the jacket liner in use: Gerbing's Heated Jacket Liner (6.4 amps/77 watts), gloves (2.2 amps/27 watts), socks (2.2 Amps/27 watts), and Pant Liner (3.6 amps/44 watts), and found that the front outlet cannot handle the jacket liner with any other combination. Every combination failed. I even thought just having the jacket liner with the gloves would work. The outlet failed after riding only 20 minutes.


If all you want is a jacket liner, the outlet should be fine.


As for me, I don't know what combination I might be using so that's why I went with a direct route to the battery...

Off to the left of the picture, I have a direct fused link going directly to the battery for my heated clothing. This is the one that came with my heated clothing. In the center of the picture, I have a power outlet also linked directly to the battery so I can have power inside my tank bag for my GPS, cell phone charger, etc...:



I fed my direct power links from the battery through the front of the tank bag by using my "Old Timer" and took my heated clothing power source out the other end of the tank bag. I didn't like it coming out of the seat because I like to stand up to stretch. Coming out of the tank bag with about 10 inches of lead gives me the correct length for standing up and not disconnecting the system. Also, on top of my tank bag I used velcro to attach my dual-temp controller. It also runs back into the tank bag through the opening I made.


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Just to add to the confusion, by Gerbing's heated liner and heated gloves, run off the Gerbing's control work fine on my 07 R1200RT front power port.



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According to the owners' manual, my plug is rated at 5A. Gerbing's jackets draw 6.4A I just took a look at the fuse on the charger harness, and it says 7.5A on it. That should work, unless the gps is powered off of it. I don't know, since I had the shop do it.


So, looks like I try the SAE plug. Thanks, all!

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