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Take it to the Limit - April 28th La Mirada


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David Diaz, General Manager of Irv Seaver Motorcycles asked me to invite my friends to a special showing of "Take it to the Limit", a movie presentation for the benefit of Prostate Cancer research Tuesday night, April 28th. The cost is $20 per person and is 100% charitable. In return, attendees would get admission to the movie plus admission to the opening night (or any other night) of Speedway racing at Industry Speedway, The Grand Arena, Industry Hills Expo Center. Opening night is May 28th.


Of course I got carried away and this is where I need your help. I contacted my good friend Bill Davis, Executive Director of Ride for the Heart Foundation. I have participated on a few RFH long distance events in supporting local cardiac care facilities such as Hoag Hospital. In retrospect, what I did was probably really stupid. I challenged him that I could get more BMWs to show up for the movie than he could get Harleys. My challenge was that if there were more BMWs in the parking lot at the start of the movie, he would contribute $100. Conversely, if there were more Harleys, I would contribute $100. Upon reflection, I realized that Bill has put on several events for both RFH as well as San Diego and Orange County H.O.G. chapters, so he might have a few Harley riders in his Rolodex. But the gauntlet has been dropped and I can't take it back.


So this is where I need your help. On Tuesday, April 28th, I need to you get your Beemer out of the garage, put twenty bucks in your wallet and join me in La Marada at the movies. You don't have to wash it, wax it or probably even check the air in the tires. You're good. Just be there before 7 pm. The movie starts at 7:30. Call your friends. Call whoever you know has a running Beemer and have them ride to La Mirada on the 28th. Just think, you will get to see real chrome on a motorcycle. I'm sure there will also be a variety of tats and maybe, if you're lucky, a little skin. Who knows with this crowd.


Bill Davis will also have some flyers for their upcoming long distance event on May 2nd.


If you don't ride a BMW, please come. You won't help save my hundred bucks, but you will have a good time and help a good cause. If you ride a Harley, you can come too. Just come in the cage.



Thank you,

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Which theatre in LaMirada? Is there only one? And do you know the address?

Even if you don't have these answers, I'll probably still show up.

Thanks for the heads-up.

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This is just a reminder about the event. I need all BMW riders to show up at the theater tonight not only to support a worthy cause (prostate cancer research) but also to help me win my bet with Bill Davis. I understand Ben and Eric Bostrom will be there.


Can I see a show of hands?

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It was a good movie and a great cause. Peter Starr was informative and he is now working on a documentry about Prostate Cancer. Worth the donation.

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Bill, I will go as well, trying to round up the riders on my end, but, no luck~


see you there...


Tony - It was good to see you and the other BMWST Forum members. This forum was well represented. I easily won the bet with my good friend Bill Davis. I know he was disappointed. He hates to lose as much as I do. It's a shame, too. It seems that the Fullerton H.O.G. was having a meeting last night not too far away. I guess they couldn't be talked into a little inter-cultural exchange. Too bad. It was fun. It was good to see that we forced the theater into opening a second showing. There must have been over 400 attendees.


For those of you expecting me to buy the next round at the regular Tuesday meeting in Glendora, sorry. I quickly donated my winnings to the cause so I'm back to being the poverty rider you know so well.



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