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First Ride


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Mom has to work at the church this morning and I'm too old for child care. Grandpa has agreed to watch me for a few hours until she gets home. My dad will drive me over there.


Dad says its time to go, but I notice that he is putting on his cycle jacket and boots? Doesn't he remember that he has to take me to grandpa's? Wait...does this mean I get to go on the motorcycle?!? I say nothing as it seems to good to be true. I'm very nervous! I've seen my dad ride the bike but I've never been on it before.


Dad puts the helmet sock on my head and then puts the helmet on my head. I'm both excited and very nervous. Dad backs the bike out of the garage and instructs me how to mount the bike. I'm on the bike!!! Dad starts it. We have a long drive way and as we start to ride down it, an involuntary squeal comes out of me. (Dad smiles upon hearing this.) At the bottom of the driveway, we accelerate rapidly to 10 mph. This is very exciting. The ride goes quickly as three driveways pass by and we pull into grandpa's driveway. And like that, it was over. I will remember this ride for the rest of my life.


(It was pretty good for dad as well.)



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Red Barchetta

Goose bumps! I have a seven y/o that can't wait for his first ride. I have to work on Mom some more. She is just getting used to me riding. Maybe another year or two.


Later, Dave

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My little guy is 7 years old as well. My parents live four houses down from me, so with a helmet and jacket on, I didn't even bother asking the wife.


Robby really liked it! I look forward to the days when he becomes my little riding buddy. Still not sure what age is appropriate.



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Proof again that the magic of riding lies not in the miles nor the speed at which we travel but the connections we make along our journey. Waycool. Thanks. Smiles all around. smile.gifsmile.gif

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