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AM Radio problem


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I have a BMW radio/cassette player connected to an AutoComm system. On the way to work, I like listening to AM radio, but get that familiar static that I experienced with my 50 & 52 Chevy.


As I remember, we corrected the problem by connecting a resistor to the system. I do not remember where we placed that resistor.


Has anyone experienced static when listening to AM Radio on their RT? Information to correct this problem would be appreciated.



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Can't say that I've experienced static with the BMW-supplied radio. I can say that the radio's sensitivity and selectivity sucks! I too like to listen to AM talk radio in the morning, but the radio just can't hack it. It could be the antenna is the cause, though I've added an antenna amplifier with little or no success.


Wondering if others have had success with AM reception using other radios.

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