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I just bought a new Marc Parnes tool to put on my GS and after looking things over the knurled knob thingy looks different from the one on my RT. Is anyone using the Marc Parnes on the new GS and does it require any modifications?


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Talking about the TB sync knob thing?


I know the adjuster is different on the 1200GS from my '02 1150RT. It's two 10mm nuts now, rather than a knurled bit and a locknut.

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Yeah Steve, Its the knurled knob thing I was wondering about. there's a extension of plastic that overhangs on the throttle cable where the knurled know used to be and I was wondering if the knurled knob was under that plastic. At least the extra nut will make adjustments easier, but nothing works like a Marc Parnes. Dang.. bncry.gif


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I have head that there were two different cables used on the early R1200GS. Some have the knurled end on the cable and a lock nut like the older 11xx series. Others (most) have the two hex nut arrangement. Unfortunately if you push the boot back there is no knurled area under it.

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Ken is correct some 12GS's have the knurled knob and some a 10mm nut. My 12RT has the 10mm nut my 12GS had the knurled. If I were to guess I would think that later model bikes are going to have the nut. I can't imaging bikes being built on the same line having both unless they are using two different suppliers for the cables. The 10mm nut is really pretty easy as is to adjust, the knurled knob is a PITA without one of Marc's pieces.

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