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? for Elf peg users


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I just got done installing a set of Elf pegs on the '04 RT. Actually, their called Sparky pegs for the twinspark models but I don't want to confuse anyone.


I was disappointed to read the instructions and find a disclaimer that says: "For show use only". It would have been nice if they'd printed this on the outside of the box so purchasers knew what they're buying, but I don't want to gripe it seems like a well made product.


So the disclaimer got me to thinking about possible problems that could happen. Has anyone run into these or any other problems:


1)It's basially a wedge-fit or pressed kind of attachment against the valve cover. Has anyone had the valve covers crack or get damaged over time? I'm sure the valve covers/jugs weren't designed to have the attachment stress or the load of a riders legs so I'm concerned about damage or oil leaks.


2)The coil seems much more exposed to rain, dirt and grounding out with this setup. Any problems here?


I'm sure the disclaimer is in case someone crashes and wants to blame the pegs, but there seem to be some potential mechanical problems by putting a load or stress on this area. Members here must have put hundreds of thousands of miles on these things so what's you're experience? I'm all ears smile.gif


Thanks for the input thumbsup.gif


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I've got them, no problems yet. But I don't put too much load on them and tend to keep my foot/leg towards the head (less cantilever). They look to me like they will break if given enough load, so I take it easy.


I'm also curious if anyone has had any problems. I hope not because they are so very cool.


I will say that I make sure I flip them closed when I come to a break/rest stop. I had a buddy ride up close and almost skewered his saddlebag as he rode off.

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yes, so far so good on mine (i don't have the dual spark just the single spark model) and they are definitely handy as on a long ride it helps to have a 2nd position.

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Thanks to everyone for the replies, I figured everything's ok. I appreciate you all taking the time to respond thumbsup.gif


That's just the lawyers talking. Had them on our RT for years with no issues.


If they've got your endorsement, Ken, I know they're good smile.gif



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