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Anyone put a Touratech Flat tank bag on an R12RT quick release base


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My OEM tank bag is getting pretty ragged, and I've always felt it's too large. Has anyone done this? I'd love hear about it and possibly see a picture. I'm about to place an order. Thanks in advance.

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I too have a new BMW tank bag, it's to large for me. Will remove bag from base plate and install a smaller version. Then will sell the BMW bag for cheep. Will watch this post for ideas on what bag fits to the base plate.

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Let's see it.


Sorry, I put a BigMak Tank bag on the R1200RT BMW bag mount, but I guess that's different.



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I put a Wolfman Explorer on my BMW mounting plate.




I was very happy with it. I really like the additional outside pockets of the Wolfman.

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So, can the r1200rt tank bag base plate be purchased separately? Does anyone have one for sale?


I do not believe it is available separately. You can find them occationally in the classifieds otherwise, it is an expensive proposition.

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Is there a foundation inside the Wolfman to which you bolted the base plate to the bag? Or, did you add some sort of flexible plate?

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Base plate is not available separately, trust me I tried US, Canada and Germany......

Only option is to find a used one on FleaBay or pay full price for OEM. If they sold the base they would make a fortune

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That bag looks good (I went to there site) would you have a pic installed?


I put a Cortech Super Mini tank bag on a BMW base plate. It works great!
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If you can locate an extra base plate, Big Mak makes a very nice small bag to mount on the baseplate. Works perfectly. My BMW bag was getting pretty beat so I picked up an almost new one from the classified and bought the Big Mak bag and put it on my old baseplate.


I use the small big mak one for around town and when I don't really need much storage and the BMW stock one for trips when I want more space.




The RT retro bag is right on the front of the page.

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