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Fitting Wunderlich Bar Risers...


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Should be pretty straighforward. I have Wunderlich risers on my R-1150-GS and my wife has them on her R-1150-RS. Good luck.

I fitted the risers easily enough on my RT1150, it's the brake cable I'm concerned about... confused.gif

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I have an '03 KRS...no problem with mine - but i DO know that the handlebars on the GT do not "rachet" up n down..with that they are enough different (as they are "fixed") I'm not sure I can help you.


Let me ask you if you have viewed the route of the cabling to determine if there are some tie wraps/zipstrips that might be holding you up...if so, snip them off and get the amount of "play" you need - then simply re-tie them at the new length. Make sense??


That's about all i can give you - if you still are having trouble - ask the manufacturer or your dealer if new cable lengths need to be employed.



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