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Placement of Autocom PTT switch


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I continue to finetune my Active 7 setup and have just installed the red PTT button assembly on the left grip of my RT. I was pretty happy with it until I actually rode for a bit and experienced the "new feel" of the hand grip.....especially with gloves on. I have experimented with the location and the positioning of the tiewraps, but it still restricts the normal positioning of my left hand on the grip.


Has anyone found a way around this? Maybe relocating the switch a bit? or ? confused.gif It's the back of the switch assembly that's really effecting my comfort.


Open to any and all suggestions/comments.


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I have Autocom systems on my GS and my wife's RS. We used the included PTT switch for only a short while. We replaced it with the PTT "authority switch" for police motors. It is now below the left handlebar and it does not intrude on the left grip space at all. A great set up, sorry I don't have any part numbers for you. One more thing, it took a little bit of work (disassembly, soldering, reassembly) to put it all together. Good luck.

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I installed the PTT on the top of the switch housing next to the emergency flasher button using two sided 3M tape. The PTT is mounted on its side with the side with the screw in it facing down. I didn't have time to trim the curved piece of the PTT housing that would fit around a handlebar. I plan to do that later. The semi-circle I refer to kinda fits around the flasher button. This location keeps the PTT out of the way of the hand grip and easily reached while riding W/O moving my left hand. This works for me.

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I think it is a BMW product. It mounts to the underside of the mirror stem on the left handle bar. Your thumb will fall quite naturally to it. One more thing about it now that I'm sitting here thinking, when you get one you will probably find the mounting plate is on backwards, it's an easy task to switch it around. Why they come like that is a mystery, but I heard they all do.

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