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what is the warranty on a battery?


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as the sig says I have a 2007 RT but I bought it new almost to the day a year ago. I drove down to Mardi Gras and returned tonight. At nearly every fill up the bike barely started. The battery appears weak. I had the bike on the charger all winter and even drove it when the weather allowed. I got to wondering if the battery is still under warranty. What chance is there of me getting a replacement battery on the dealer's dime?



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Have you checked battery connections,they can certainly loosen over time

and cause similar symptoms.


There were some bad battery batches,BMW has had to replace a number of batteries.



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I bought the bike at Carolina BMW. If you bought yours there did they replace it free? I will call them tomorrow to see what they say.


I did buy my bike at Carolina but had the battery replaced at Capitol in Raleigh. The replacement was free.

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FWIW - I had one replaced from my '06 under warranty (< 2.5 years from purchase date) in early January. Actually bought the replacement and had it credited after BMW approved the warranty claim (took a week or so).

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When you took delivery the dealership should have gone over warranty periods with you.

The paint and battery are not 3 years.

If a delaership replaced it past the warranty time for the battery that was good fortune on your part.

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