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Connecting Headphones to R1200RT radio!!


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Just wanted to let some of you who are interested know about this. Per Rottweiler info here I'm now listening to the R12RT's radio through my ear plug speakers. This is great as you can adjust the tone which you can't do with the roady plus I like to listen to local radio on the way to and from work. I did it a bit differently because I tend to be lazy at times. I bought one of these for $10.75 shipped. Cut the RCA plugs off the input end, stripped some insulation of and stuck them under the spade connectors on the speakers ( I told you I was lazy) I used an RCA extension lead to go to the right side and connected the same way. I was able to fit the isolator in behind the left speaker so it is out of the elements. I then took the RCA to 1/8" male cable that came with the Roady home kit and ran it out and attached a female 1/8" adapter that is more like a coupler from Radio Shack (another $6.00) and I plug right into the female adapter and were rockin thumbsup.gif No engine noise what so ever just nice clear music, talk etc. No fancy diodes or resistors. I just make sure the volume is down before connecting and use the handlebar volume control.

Just wanted to let you know there is a cheap un-complicated way to tap the stock radio.

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Thanks for the credit, I'm glad it all worked well for you. The isolator you got on eBay is the same one I found at Wallmart, only less $. thumbsup.gif

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