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Extra driving lights


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I would like to here comments on adding extra lights, the stock lights on the 1200RT are good as long as your on a straight road but when on a a dark twisty road there is not enough light when leaning into the corners.

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I have these on my RT...

PIAA 1100X Custom Fit Driving Light Kit: BMW R1200 RT

I guess you could angle these outward for turns, but I have not tried it. These lights will brighten up everything just in front of the bike, not long range. I can see in turns better than the stock lights, but not as you are probably looking for. I found them very helpful on back country roads and they brighten up everything in front of me including the tree limbs hanging over the roadway. Also, these lights are very bright and you'll have to keep turning them off when you see a car. I hope this helps in some way.

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I've got some big Hellas mounted under my mirrors and set out from center a bit myself. The ones I have are a bit large though and I am going to trade them out for some PIAA or Trail Tech HIDs when I get some disposable income. So from the way it looks I'll be running the Hellas for a bit... I'll take a look in the AM and post what they are, I'm in my jammys right now and aint goin' out back till daylight!

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"Lighting Up Your World." Motorcycle Consumer News, November 2008, pp.26-29.


This article included photos of the light pattern of each set of lights, showing color, spread, and distance of illumination.


I was very impressed by the Lazer Star HIDs, the cheapest ($366) of the HID lights, with low current draw (4.75 Amps). Lazer Star Bullet Lights were their best buy pick at $185.


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