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February in Connecticut


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We've been working really hard lately and I haven't even really given much of a thought to taking the RT for a ride. A couple of days here and there have broken 40 degrees but all-in-all it's been a cold, snowy, salty, winter and I've just been waiting for April.


Today I was trying to get some work done in the office, make some business calls. But nobody's answering their phone. I know it's a holiday, but come one people. We're in a recession here. Let's get to work!


Then my wife calls around 2pm. She says she just passed a motorcycle and I should really go for a ride. First I said, "No way. Gotta work". A half hour later and still an unproductive day... Screw it.


I rarely use the Kilimanjaro IV except days like this. 35-40 degrees. Let's bring it out.



Back it out. Pretty dusty. I actually didn't put the cover on it last Fall. I like to see it. (I know)



We have a nice little lake in the back yard. The ice by our yard is almost a foot thick. It's been cold! The far side is where there's a current and thawed.



First stop, the town boat launch here in Guilford. No ice here. Come on Spring... Take it! This is high tide.



It gets higher during storms



Gulls wait



I take off and head out Rt. 146. Not a BRP by any means. But this is my "get out for an hour" ride all summer long. It's actually listed somewhere as one of Connecticut's "great motorcycle rides". I agree. Lot's of nice views and twists.


to the left...



A quick pull of 146 in to Stony Creek, home of the (in)famous Puppet House. Described at a performing arts theatre and puppet museum in Branford CT. Originally built in 1903, Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten and Mecury Players performed here. They left out "flop house for old hippies and wannabees". It's all good.



A little further down, the Thimble Islands off of Stony Creek.



Sticker! (Thank you Jamie and Leslie. )



Ice! Kind of look like jellyfish, eh?





Back to 146.



Next stop, Branford dock. This place will be full of moored sailboats in just a couple of months or so.





This is at the base of what's known as "Snake Hill", one of the very few switch-backs in this state.




It's starting to get chilly.



A look up the "Snake". Time to put the camera down.



Before heading back, a final ride through some of the northern farm roads with a stop by a horse farm.



Potholes are actually a good sign. It means winter has already done its damage.



I'll leave my February Connecticut Ride Tale at that. See you Paul's TechDaze.











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Looks a lot like our neck of the woods in winter.... except you have more trees and slight hills :)


Nice ride !

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I went out yesterday as well. Took a ride up to Great Barrington, MA., for some chili & coffee. 150 mile run, but no pics! Saw 1 other bike. The roads are covered with salt in Goshen, and Cornwall...


I was in your neck of the woods on Saturday for Rt. 77, to Rt.1, to Old Saybrook. Saw 2 other bikes. It was a balmy 50 degrees down there!


Now lets get ready for the snowstorm tomorrow...


Thanks for sharing pics

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Thanks for the ride. Nice report and pictures. Thanks for sharing them. :grin:

I'm heading out tomorrow morning for a three day ride. It has rained/snowed here for the last week. I'm heading south somewhere. Don't really know where, just taking off. Be back on Friday before the next storm arrives.

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Thanks for the post, and the nice pics. I had six weeks of no riding due to the ice on the driveway. Finally melted, so I rode to work last week, and again Monday and today. A bit chilly, but that heated jacket I picked up in the fall is certainly paying off.


Looking forward to the rain on May 2nd. ;)


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Looking forward to the rain on May 2nd. ;)



Et Tu Brutus??? :grin:



Nice Ride Report... Maybe I'll head down that way today before the storm comes in.





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Hi Bill,


Thanks for the ride report! Sounded so good that I went down that way for a look myself today.


From the house, I went 91S to 9S and picked up RT81 in Clinton until RT1. Detoured at Hammonasset State Park and then stopped at the Shoreline Diner in Guilford.


That's where I picked up RT146. Truly a great run and I'm glad you suggested it! If I had to guess though, this is the best time of year to ride it. Must be real slow in the summer with all the beach traffic. I found it interesting how it casually loops back on itself near the Thimble Islands. I was having so much fun in the twisties, that I was surprised when I started seeing familiar landmarks again. Coming back was equally interesting though as I got to see different sights and the road was even more fun returning to Guilford... Some incredible homes along the way both old and new and great views of the water and marshes!


From Guilford, I then took another great road, RT77 north to Durham and picked up RT17 to Middletown before hitting the highways home.


4 hours, 158 miles, sunny and 35 degrees. Gotta luv New England in February... Oh and Gerbings gear too! Thanks again for the recommendation of RT146. I've added it to one of my favorites.







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As I started reading your post I thought "aw, he didn't come down 77". Then I see you caught it on the way back. So you pretty much captured that Guilford loop. When you were heading north past Lake Quonnipaug there was a road on the left called Great Hill Rd. I discovered it a couple of years ago as I passed by and saw a pack of Beemers coming out. I had to see what I was missing. Next time you head down this way drop me a line and I'll show you some great country roads back in there. Keep in mind, I really bottom out at 40 degrees (no Gerbings).



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