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Driveshaft Question

Jim Moore

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I have an 02 GS with over 98K miles. I plan to keep it until 200K miles. I have read that the u-jonts in the driveshaft are somewhat prone to failure in high-mileage bikes, so I bought a spare (used) driveshaft. Now I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to have the u-joints rebuilt and replace my current driveshaft with the used / rebuilt one. So, two quick questions. 1. Can the u-joints be rebuilt? 2. Is it worthwhile?




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I'm not sure that the u-joints could really be called prone to failure, but when they do fail it can be catastrophic so I would consider it good advice to take some preventative action when you get much above 100k. To my mind simply replacing the original driveshaft with a good, low-miles used unit should be fine but there are places that can rebuild the driveshaft if you insist on brand-new u-joints. The other factor to consider is aging of the rubber damper that joins the two driveshaft halves but I consider this less of an issue because these failures are relatively uncommon and usually non-destructive if they do occur, and also that particular failure seems to be more related to infant mortality than long-term aging.

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