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Sunny day 72 degrees today took a ride from Mississippi to Arkansas on the way home going through Memphis Tn a group of young crouch rocket riders pass me I'm doing 75 they had to be going 120 or better around 20 riders. I think to myself "stupid riders" 10 minutes pass and I catch up with them minus 1 rider who is laying on the pavement with one of his friends jacket laying over his head and mangled body. I do wish riders would stop and think about what they are doing. Started out as a great day ended in tragedy. Please be safe out there.

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Very very sad. Were you able to render aid, or was he already gone? It sounds like he was riding faster than his skills could keep up with. I wonder if he knew this, but pride kept him from slowing down to a speed he was comfortable with. This is one of the dangers of group rides, especially with young males and their egos.


Images like what you described can be hard to shake.





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ugh. It was almost 60 degrees here in central PA (first nice weekend since early December) this past weekend, and the bikes were out in full force. I have two long bridges (almost a mile each) that cross the Susquehanna River about 1/2 mile from my house. I heard sports bikes and cruisers alike just screaming across the bridges all weekend. It made me cringe considering the amount of salt and cinders they dropped on the roads in the last month.

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