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gps installation on r1200rt


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I have mounted my garmin zumo and now I would like help on connecting the electrical power. I found what looks like an unused circuit terminated on the frame in front under the headlights. The square terminal appears to have a cap on the end. Is this in fact a spare terminal and are special connectors required. If so, where can they be purchased. 2006 R 1200 RT. Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions!

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My dealer couldn't find his -585 cables so sold me a cable instead. The 843 is evidently commonly used on the Authority bikes and is longer and more expensive than the 585 - so don't get it unless that's all that's available.

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thanks to everyone...found the part at chicago bmw. will order tomorrow. $16.

question #2. how can you connect the zumo audio out to the aux input on the oem radio (2006 r 1200 rt) the selector shows an aux on the screen when a scan.

question #3 what about connecting headphones to radio

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