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japanese legal system


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just read a post from a lawyer and his first case. brought this to mind....i met this guy who lived in japan for 10 years. i asked him where he would rather live?in the u.s. or japan he said here and here is why. he had a friend who was arrested in japan , tried and convicted and given a 5 year sentence...so he hired a private investigator for his friend. the investigator uncovered evidence which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that his friend was innocent. so he takes the evidence to the prosecuters office and the prosecuter looked at the evidence and said he was convinced the man was wrongfully convicted...so this guy asked the prosecuter when his friend would be released? the prosecuter said in 5 years...when he asked why, he was told that to release the innocent man would bring dishonor upon the judge..true story apparently if you are charged with a acrime in japan the conviction rate is 95%

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