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Have you taken "The Boulder Pledge" yet?


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You should have! (linky)


I just got forwarded yet another sappy, tear-jerking and still perfectly "true" story that I am then implored to forward to as many people as possible lest horrible things happen to me. Are there still SO many newbies entering cyberspace almost daily? :dopeslap:

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Does this mean I shouldn't forward the e-mail about the wealthy, female BMW technician, who crafts award winning homebrews, and is looking for a riding partner?

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Hey, if it weren't for so called "spam", then I would not be getting $45 million cash from the Nigerian political VIP's widow which will very soon to be deposited into my checking account. They promised it would be here any day now and THEN I'll be moving on the the higher class web sites. They told me to keep all this secret, so I can't say no more.





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I forwarded the Boulder Pledge to 14 of my friends and have noticed a marked decrease in my male pattern baldness and received $200 in the mail yesterday. :rofl:

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